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I'm a Pimp!!


Hobbies:Music, Pimpin' wit my bitches.
Music:Taking Back Sunday, From Autumn To ashes, Afi, Atreyu,Story of the Year,Underoath,Emery,Billy Talent,And more..to lazy to list.
Status:I have a man whore.-Nate.:-)
What do you like about yourself?I am myself, so i can handle it i dont need to be like everyone else.
Where did you hear about us?In mine and a friends community.. ___hot_kids
What makes you a pimp?Me.

What's your opinions on:
Gay Marriage Law?:I think people should be able to love and be married to whomever they want, its their choice to be and love who ever.
Being a Pimp?:Why would you need my opinion..it doesn't matter, all that matters is that we are pimps and there are pimps.REPREZENT.
Rebel Flags?:Ahh.I hate when people are like." Yo im a Rebel because i snuck out." I say im "rebel" in a jokingly matter to make fun of the person.garh.
Usher?:I use to be in love with him. but not anymore<3<3<3<3<3I still love him.Hes pimp with his fur coat though.
Marilyn Manson?: A guy who takes out his ribs to suck his own dick? wtf do you think i think.
Pre-Marital Sex?: it's fun.why not.but always protection.

How about a joke or something funny?I have a dirrty joke for you.2 pigs went in the mud, 3 came out.;-)
Please post 3 or more pictures of yourself!!:
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