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Name: Lex (Brittany)
Age: 14
Location: Melboring
Hobbies: anything worth doing... mainly local shows
Music: Emo, HxC,and anything else I am in the mood for.
Status: hmmm, In a relationship if that's what you're asking, but on the community I'm a co-mod.
What do you like about yourself? My eyes and hair.
Where did you hear about us? umm.... co-mod.
What makes you a pimp? Hell, I was one that started the idea of Big Pimpin' Inc.
What's your opinions on:
Gay Marriage Law?: Exceptable
Being a Pimp?: I'm the pimpest of them all! (for it)
Rebel Flags?: I can't answer this... I'm a true Southerner
Usher?: I like the song Yeah! but the rest of his shit is pretty annoying
Marilyn Manson?: Someone who isvery political
Pre-Marital Sex?: I am against and sex that is had by two people who aren't in love.
How about a joke or something funny? I wish i was white like micheal jackson...i would be sexy

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