Mexican (yourbestbet2) wrote in sexy_pimp,

"I'm a pimp!"

Name: pimpalex the 3rd
Age: 17
Location: Dirty Jersey
Hobbies: pimpin like there is no tomorrow
Music: anything
Status: sorry i am a pimp
What do you like about yourself? everything
Where did you hear about us? search around
What's the theme song? Big Pimping-Jayz
What makes you a pimp? i just am
What's your opinions on:
Gay Marriage Law?: hey as long as they are happy...its all good
Being a Pimp?: fucking amazing
Rebel Flags?: idc
Usher?: he iight
Marilyn Manson?: smart guy
Pre-Marital Sex?: thats up to you and your partner
How about a joke or something funny? i aint black and i aint white...REPRESENT MEXICO
Please post 3 or more pictures of yourself!!:

-my official pimp belt


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